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DKP Explained
DKP Explained
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How DKP is awarded

1 per hour in raid
1 Bonus for any boss kills
0.5 for mini bosses
+2 Bonus for any high value/difficult kills
5 Bonus DKP for registering to website

Boxes are allowed to bid on anything, However they only earn 0.3 DKP for every main earning 1, so essentially if a box bid 30dkp thats like a main bidding 90
Boxes can only bid up to a maximum of 25DKP if mains are bidding, if only boxes are bidding there is no limit

This Box DKP rule makes 90% of the loot go to mains where we want most of it.

Alts are not allowed to bid over mains, all loot will go to a main bid first, if none want loot will go to alt bid

Offnight raids are need rolls, only 1 item per player is winnable, unless the item is unwanted or going to rot

Last thing here I want to add, Please be considerate don't go and try to buy up EVERYTHING you can in a raid.
Try to be fair, if you feel what you are about to do would be something that would upset you greatly then probably a good idea not to.

Thank you everyone, if you have questions, comments or suggestions please post in the feedback channel

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