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Planes of Power Release
Planes of Power Release
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Launch Day

Be warned Plane of Knowledge will be VERY laggy for the first 1-4 hours of the expansion, with massive delay causing you to be unable to zone. If you want to exp ASAP you are best to go to Velks or The Deep until 63ish, but all "pre raid stuff" must be done by the time we raid.

Pre-Raid Tasks: Individual and Group

Going by previous TLPs, PoK will be extremely laggy, NPCs will not spawn immediately, doors won't be responsive (you might find yourself locked in the library or Gram Dunnar's room for a while), If you want your Charm from Gram you can target him and say the phrase to him outside the building on the west side. Chances are the Plane of Tranquility stone won't be there, there will be tons of people piled on top of the PoT stone location, and when it does spawn, clicking it will probably do nothing for you for a few minutes. At this point getting into PoT is a bit of rolling the dice whether your loading screen works and you show up in PoT or you're sent back to PoK. I would recommend binding in PoT once you are able to zone in (where doesn't matter til we get to time). There will usually be a pick in PoT that will generally have less people in it and will generally be less laggy that you may want to pick into if you find the base pick laggy.
  • The best way to zone into PoK IMO is through the Bazaar.
  • If you want to buy any spell out of the library I suggest using an alt or waiting til PoK has stabilized.
  • Find Gram Dunnar in Plane of Knowledge: Target him and say "What Craft" to receive your charm that will upgrade as you receive Character Flags

Hedge Maze Pre-Flag
Find Elder Poxbourne in Plane of Tranquility, Hail Elder Poxbourne (no response) then hail Adroha Jezith (standing right next to him) and say "tortured by nightmares" - You probably want to do this sequence 2-3 times to ensure flags are proper, this one is buggy

Grummus Pre-flag
Find ADLER FUIRSTEL outside the zone in to Plane of Disease and say "What Ward?" to him, you will receive a "Character Flag" - This completes the Grummus pre-flag

Plane of Justice Trial
You will want to do your PoJ trial in a DZ as to avoid other people running the same trial and it having a lockout. You can spawn a DZ for this with 6 people. Form guild groups and get this done BEFORE raiding.

PoJ Pre-flag
  • Clear to Mavuin in the PoJ Jail and Hail him for a Character Flag
  • Proceed to the Trial area and hail any of the big dudes with hammers. DO NOT ATTACK THESE. With them targetted say "I have come to plead the case of Mavuin" - This may be optional, not 100% sure
  • Complete ANY PoJ trial. Loot the mark at the end. Unsure if it is required for your flag however if you ever wish to do 7th Hammer Fight you'll want to keep it (We will not do this as a guild until Omens of War) - Monks you NEED to do 7th Hammer for your 1.5
  • After winning, hail any of The Tribunal mobs again and say "What evidence of Mavuin" - Unsure if flag message at this point
  • If you are doing this in a DZ the mobs on the way back to the jail will not repsawn - Head back to the jail and Hail Mavuin again for your Flag - You should now be able to zone in to Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms
  • Once your group has completed the Plane of Justice trial - I strongly advise zoning in to Plane of Storms and seeing if any of the 1-2 groupable "Minis" are up that drop Medallions for your key
Tier 1 Raids

Plane of Innovation: Behemoth

Gather outside the Plane of Innovation Windmill for raid invites. We will likely MGB here before zoning in.

"Once the DZ is spawned we will zone in to Plane of Innovation and pre-clear the ""Gnome Walk"" so that he can just run straight to the Dragon. The key for this event will be farmed prior to the raid by an assigned group. Listen carefully to instruction and STICK WITH THE RAID"

Collector Quest to spawn dragon:

Xanamech Nezmirthafen has ~260k hp, slowable, doesn't ramp, doesn't wild ramp, hits for 800s max, quads.

Once the Dragon dies, do not hail anything until told to hail.

At this point the raid will proceed to move to the factory. Once inside the front door of the factory there is a gnome named Giwin Mirakon -- DO NOT ATTACK.

Target Giwin Mirakon and say "I will test the machine" - You will receive a Character Flag - This is the Behemoth preflag and is REQUIRED to progress your flagging. DO NOT MISS THIS.

Killing / Controlling the adds from entering Behemoths room for X amount of time will cause Behemoth to become targettable and therefor killable. Once this happens, the MT will run in, pop furious, and we will engage/burn him fast. ENSURE YOU ARE IN THE ROOM WHILE FIGHTING HIM.


After Behemoth dies Giwin Mirakon will return, DO NOT HAIL HIM UNTIL TOLD SO. Once calls for Hails are announced, hail him. You will receive a character flag - This flags you for Plane of Tactics.

Plane of Valor: Aerin Dar

Zone into Valor via the Agent of Change - Make sure you are invis and avoid the undead house directly north of the zone in.

Meet near the locked door (far north part of the zone, you have to go through the doors and follow the path). If you have aggro on many mobs, DO NOT TRAIN THE RAID. Die and get a drag, it will be MUCH easier and the raid will thank you.

Once the locked door is opened the raid will move in to the "Prep room" - DO NOT CLICK THE ORB UNTIL CALLED - Clicking this orb will zone you down in to Aerin Dar's lair. Once Aerin Dar is engaged, you cannot click down any more.

When raid is ready, MT will charge Aerin Dar and engage. Adds will spawn throughout the fight, knights will do their best to kite them around and the raid will burn down Aerin Dar. He casts an AE Fear and some other trash. Pop fearless, he'll die before fearless runs out.

Aerin Dar has ~330k hp, single target rampages, hits for 1600s, slowable, procs single target slow/3k dd called 'Glass Shards' on the tank (neg 150 magic check, 16 disease counters), Fear/500dd (neg 150 magic check)

After Aerin Dar dies, Planar Projection will spawn, DO NOT HAIL HIM UNTIL TOLD SO. DO NOT CLICK ON THE PLATFORM UNTIL ALL HAILS ARE DONE - If you click the platform, people will fall in to the water below (there is a ladder back up if you fall down). Once you hail you will receive a Character Flag. DO NOT GATE AT THIS POINT, YOUR FLAG IS NOT DONE.

Clear through the tunnels to the Halls of Honor zone out. You MUST zone in to Halls of Honor by clicking the lightning pillar here in Plane of Valor to complete your flag.

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