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Wanted Gear
All the gear currently wanted by members of the guild
Babra's Desired Gear
Jagged Timeforged BladeRefresh This Item Non-Instance Biggus Dickus
Cherno Bill's Desired Gear
Homeless PeopleRefresh This Item Non-Instance Need poeple to laugh at.
Little Shop of Horrors Anniversary EditiRefresh This Item Non-Instance Suddenly... Seymour.
Popeyes Chicken SandwichRefresh This Item Non-Instance If you have to ask, fuck you.
Drayk's Desired Gear
Blade of WarRefresh This Item Non-Instance leet 2hand tank wep
Groundcontrol's Desired Gear
ornate elemental silk chestRefresh This Item Non-Instance
Nines's Desired Gear
Child's TearRefresh This Item Non-Instance Epic
Sevrith's Desired Gear
Shinai of the AncientsRefresh This Item Non-Instance Drops from Vallon Zek. It's one of the few weapons that scale better than bare fist ratio in PoP.
Staff of TranscendenceRefresh This Item Non-Instance Drops from Cazic Thule. Because contrary to popular belief, Monk 2HB is very strong in GoD and this is an amazing starter weapon for the xpac.
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